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Carpet Tile Calculator

Here at Carpet Tiles London, we know how difficult working out exactly how many carpet tiles you need for your floor space can be. This is particularly the case if you have a large area to cover, or a space that's awkwardly shaped. There is always a worry that you won't have enough tiles for your needs, but here at Carpet Tiles London, we have the solution. 

Our carpet tile calculator is designed to take the worry out of buying carpet tiles. Simply work out the area you need to carpet and the size of tiles you require, and it'll tell you how many carpet tiles you need to effectively cover that area it really couldn't be easier! 

That way, all you have to do is go out and choose the perfect tiles for your requirements without the hassle of trying to work out how many you need!

How do I calculate the amount of carpet tiles I need in my office?
How do I know how many boxes of carpet tiles to order?
What is the area of my office?

Here is the answer to all your questions: This is a carpet tile calculator which can help to ensure you order the correct amount of tiles for your location.

To use the calculator just enter the length and width of your office, room etc.. into the boxes A and B, you can select metres, yards or feet.
Then select "calculate" for an instant sq meterage of your desired space. We always work in square metres.

Carpet Tile Calculator

Measurements in:
Length =   X   Width =   

Total Area including waste= m  
(5sqm per box), (4 tiles per sqm), (20 tiles per box)