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Heuga Carpet Tile, Carpet Tiles

Heuga 530 Range

Heuga Carpet Tile...the original carpet tile

Established over 5 decades ago, Heuga carpet tiles moves with the times with impressive creativity. Whether you're a business or a homemaker there's plenty of choice to find your perfect carpet tile.  With a huge array of colours and textures the Heuga carpet tile wins the choice everytime. These carpet tiles are so popular they are now used all over the world, both for residential and commercial use.

Here at Carpet Tiles London the heuga carpet tile is a hugely popular choice. This is due to it's extensive choice in colour, texture, it's excellent performance capabilities and it's worldwide reputation.

The Heuga Carpet Tile brand is a part of Interface and is now the largest commercial carpet manufacturer in the world and they are able to sell their products in over 100 countries worldwide.

Full Heuga Carpet Tile Range